Tuesday, March 15, 2016

COVER REVEAL Pieced Together by Kelly Moore

Their Story Continues...

Kyren couldn't get over killing Brogan's father, even though he did it to save her. The demons of his own past took control , and he left her when she needed him the most. In the aftermath of their agonizing breakup, Kyren and Brogan sought healing on very different paths. She moved to a remote island in Maine and started a new life, while he isolated himself on his yacht, and almost drowned in booze and guilt. After three long years, they're each in a good place. Neither can forget the intense, passionate love they shared, but they're both sure it's over for good. Too much time has passed. There's too much old hurt. 

Fate intervenes, however, and places Kyren on Brogan's doorstep. For both of them, it's like they were never apart. His body craves her's, and she immediately longs to submit to his magnetism. Brogan is terrified of giving into their passion. Can he be the man she needs him to be? Will he break her heart again? She's not the same person she was back then. She's stronger, and she has a big secret. Has he learned from his own demons? And most importantly, when she comes clean, will he be able to handle the truth?  

***To Be Released March 29th*** 

Where it all began...

His touch is scorching hot and rough, just how I like it. It's just sex. I don't believe in love, but he makes me feel thing I have never felt. I want to try. I want to trust him with my secrets, but there is a good chance he will leave. He will see how broken I am. He is what I need to fix the broken pieces of my heart.

At a very young age, violence and secrets forced Brogan to escape the only life she knew. Now a young women with a good career, she hopes to finally forget her past. She is tormented by demons in her dreams, and it has threatened every sexual relationship she has ever had. Brogan meets Kyren Nolan, a sexy ex-military man. He knows what he wants the minute he meets Brogan. He wants her, and his first meeting with her lands him on the ground. He doesn't take no for an answer. They start a passionate affair that turns into more. He teachers her that a gentle touch can create as much heat between them. They struggle for control, but Kyren has his own scars a and secrets. When their pasts collide, will they be able to overcome he broken pieces of both their lives together? 

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About the Author
Kelly Moore was raised in MT.Dora, Florida, a true southern girl with a sarcastic wit. Gypsy traveling nurse by day and romantic author by night. Loves all things romantic with a little spice and humor. She loves two characters who overcome their pasts to fall in love and have a happy ending. Wife, mother, grandmother and dog lover. Travels the US in a fifth wheel making memories and friends. 

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  1. I love it! Thank you sooooo much.

  2. I love it! Thank you sooooo much.

  3. Thank you so much Cheryl for having the new, and amazingly talented author, Miles A. Maxwell on your blog, as a guest writer. I so much appreciate, and respect when an author, such as Mr. Maxwell puts in so much time, and effort, as well as well rounded research. You can really tell that he wants to make sure that what he is putting in his books is information that is substantial, has meaning,is reasonable, or logical, and can be backed up if you happened to go look for yourself, say on Google, or other search engine. I am a voracious reader, and have many favorite authors, and have now added him to this long, and well respected list of mine. I think after reading just one of his books, that almost everyone would have to agree that he can really appeal to anyone, if you just give him a chance. Anyway, thanks again, and I really hope that you will have him on as a continuing guest writer for your blog, throughout the years to come, and I will continue to read your blog, now that I know that you have such great writing guests choices on it. Best of luck!!!