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*Book Review* Introducing Charlotte

"Seduction is just as much about the mind as it is the body. It's the art of getting to know what gives each other pleasure." Introducing Charlotte aims to explore a different side of pleasure. - Charlotte Hains

British novelist Charlotte Hains has released her debut novel Introducing Charlotte: an intimate and seductive novel that will take readers in a roller coaster of emotions. This hotly tipped novel tells the story of Charlotte, who escapes from her abusive and controlling relationship to find herself with a lack of confidence, broken and with no control over her life. Old friend Anthony enlists the help of Nats and Lloyd to help Charlotte regain her confidence.  At first unaware of their darker lifestyle, can a world of dominance and submission help help to overcome her vulnerability? 

Reading became Hain's passion, and she discovered as many books as possible on her IPad, with the theme of her novel taking it's inspiration from her discovery of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Realizing that they were both reading the same novel, Hain's sister urged her to embrace her creative side and turn her hand to writing, suggesting that she create a BDSM-themed masterpiece of her own. 

Undertaking a vast amount of research into the world of BDSM via blogs and websites, Hains began to weave together the story of Lloyd and Charlotte on her IPad, sending new developments to her sister in installments. Before she knew it, she had crafted over 150,000 words, soon realizing she had created enough material for a novel. It was in this way that Introducing Charlotte was born. She received many positive early reviews from fellow bloggers who praised her focus on the psychological aspects of the dominate/submissive relationship. 

Can you take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself, Charlotte?

I am just an average female, with probably too much time on my hands. Ten years ago I decided to change my life, moved to France with my partner and set to work on renovating a four bedroom house. I had never done anything like it before, but my flair for art helped me. After 7 years of hard work and a few pounds lighter, I suddenly found myself with nothing much to do in the long winter evenings except surfing the net and reading. Then I found FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, little did I know, it would change my life. It sent me on the biggest roller coaster ride of my life and not only introduced me to erotic literature, which is something I never would have thought about previously, but it immersed me into the world of writing about something I would have never picked for myself.

What are your perfect writing conditions, and how often do you write?

I really don't have a perfect time or place. When I started Introducing Charlotte, it was on my Ipad and I would just throw it in my bag and whenever I thought of something I would stop and start writing. Sometimes for hours at a time, in the car, in coffee shops, and in the house, I became addicted to it. I try to write most days, but every so often I have to leave the IPad alone and get on with everyday living. 

Can you put your finger on the moment when you decided that you wanted to publish your work?

I had quite a few people read snippets of my work, everyone said I should go ahead and get it published, mainly copy editors, but who do you trust? Do they just want your money? It wasn't until I found Helen Hart, an author and indie publisher with a good reputation. Her positive feedback was a turning point for me as I thought she wouldn't put her reputation on the line if she didn't think it was any good. It took me about a year to research and gain confidence in the publishing world. 

Why do you think it is that you have found yourself writing in the style that you do?

I really don't know, it's just the way it comes out in my head. I see an idea and then have to just write it down. The quicker I do that, the better the ideas seem to develop. I have never thought about which style I was going to use, I suppose I am just lucky that way.

What would you say, if anything, best differentiates you from other authors?

I would like to think I am unique, although FIFTY SHADES gave me the initial thoughts for my book. Introducing Charlotte is very different and explains the less threatening aspects of the BDSM lifestyle, and it is with this I hope will set me apart from other Erotic Romance fiction authors. 

Can you take a moment and tell us about your debut release of Introducing Charlotte? 

Introducing Charlotte is a fun look at the BDSM lifestyle. Charlotte (the main character) is desperate to change her life and to break the chains of an abusive relationship. Her friend, Anthony, finds her battered and bruised with no where to go and is shocked that this once confident individual has been bullied into the ultimate submission and has had all her freedom of choice stripped away from her. He insists that she stays with him for a while to get herself sorted out, a safe haven, but quickly realizes that Charlotte is damaged beyond just a friendly chat. Anthony seeks the help of some friends, Lloyd a doctor specializing in psychiatry and Nats a beautician/hairdresser, to help bring Charlotte back to her former self by following the BDSM path of control. 

Where did your inspiration for the story come from?

As I mentioned before, FIFTY SHADES, got me interested in the BDSM lifestyle and what it was truly about. I suddenly realized that there was something missing from this type of erotica genre. I hope I have not only corrected but shown some misconceptions about the BDSM lifestyle.

What can you tell us about the protagonist Charlotte?

Charlotte is a career minded nurse, is a confident, funny, independent woman. That is she was...until she fell in love with the wrong person, leaving her an empty shell with no job, no confidence and no control over her life, Deep down she holds onto the thought that life shouldn't be like she has been lead to believe, and its this little spark of light that gets her through. As the story line develops we see Charlotte being challenged on every single thought that goes through her head, and most of the challenging thoughts are hers, as she starts to put back the pieces and rebuild her life. 

What is her relationship like with the two people Anthony enlists to help her?

Nats a female and Lloyd a male...

Charlotte had met Lloyd years before, when they were all at university or training, Lloyd had always had a soft spot for Charlotte, although she has never even noticed. Her relationship this time around with Lloyd is a little frosty at first, however Charlotte starts to notice different things in Lloyd as their relationship develops. Nats on the other hand she meets for the first time, and Charlotte seems to look up to Nats who is a very empowering individual with her own businesses, eventually leading Charlotte to a professional, as well as personal friendship. Nats gives Charlotte confidence in herself and in others, which is something Charlotte has lost over the years. 

How did you set about creating the sex scenes in the book, did you find them easy to write?

At first, I didn't know how to write them but then as if by magic it came to me, basing the sex scenes on three words, Provocative, Suggestive, and Seductive. A line from my book, "Seduction is just as much about the mind as it is about the body. It's the art of getting to know what gives each other pleasure." I feel that readers also need to experience the three words just the same as Charlotte. Lloyd is very provocative, suggestive and seductive, Reading fantasy is the same, I think it's seduction of the mind, no matter what genre.

You have had some fantastic reviews on the book. How pleasing is this?

Introducing Charlotte was awarded the
Very. I am shocked and overwhelmed that so many people love the book. It is so good to have positive feedback and has given me clues on what readers like. I have also had people email me asking me about the book and if I am going to continue writing stories about Charlotte. 

Can we expect more from Charlotte in the future? 

That's a big yes. I can't leave Charlotte in the position she is in, and those people that have read the book will understand why. 

What is next on the self-publishing horizon for yourself? 

Well it's got to be the sequel to Introducing Charlotte, which I've titled Controlling Charlotte. I'm not quite sure if that is Charlotte taking control or if it's someone else controlling Charlotte just yet. But the fun really does begin now for her, that's all I am prepared to say. (Read Teaser for Controlling Charlotte Below) 

Was the Self-Published/Indie-Published route always our preferred route for your work?

Yes, it seemed the most practical way to go really, for me that is.

Has the experience so far been all that you thought it would be?

I knew it would be hard, but it's harder than I ever imagined. The biggest hurdles are finance and publicity, without one you don't have the other. Publicity is vital for you to get known. In the indie world you are self-financing everything, and I mean everything, you spend before you even think about the book being on the bookshelf, and to afford publicity you need to sell your book. I am sure that most authors have the same problem. The vicious circle I have found myself in is: getting known = publicity=funding. I am sure people don't realize just how tough this cycle is. 

If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to get into the writing world, what would it be?

Do your research and take advice whenever you can. Don't just jump in, there are a lot of companies out there only interested in your money, not your story. Have I done the right things? Not all the time, but I like to think that for the most part I have followed sound advice sourced from the internet and publishers, ect.

Before we bring this interview to a close, it's your chance to name-drop. Anyone who you feel is deserving more recognition presently or someone whose writing you have recently enjoyed? Now is your chance to spread the word.

Helen Hart my publishers at I have found Helen's team to be very professional and helpful with every stage of the book, and at ties kept me grounded. It's so easy to get carried away with the industry as things can happen so fast. I have a great respect for them all and the work they do.

This is a story of sexual awakening...desire, lust, passion in the pursuit of love.

An insight into an alternative lifestyle of light BDSM.

When Charlotte bumps into her old friend Anthony she is at her lowest point... 

Rescued by an old friend from an abusive relationship, Charlotte is introduced to Anthony's friends one by one but what she doesn't know is they have a secret that will help her, regain control of her life...

Nats and Lloyd to help Charlotte find the confidence she once had. Charlotte unaware, however, of the darker side of her friends' lifestyle. And although Lloyd is deeply attracted to her, Charlotte is broken, hurt and lacks control. Lloyd get s to work coming up with ideas to bring Charlotte back to life, she is introduced to an inatimate world of secret passions and desires. 

Purchase Introducing Charlotte X

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Did a happy dance last week when I got the mail and saw this beauty in my mailbox. 
Thanks so much Charlotte! 

          Rating 5/5

This book is eloquently written, the story line is engaging, and is perfectly described above by the author herself- PROVOCATIVE, SUGGESTIVE AND SEDUCTIVE. 

After being stuck in the YA world for some time, Introducing Charlotte X was a breath of fresh air and a perfect transition for someone who has never read erotica. To be quite honest, when I heard EROTICA I thought I would be reading "Word Porn" and I would like to thank Miss Hains for not only educating me about the genre as a whole but also about the BDSM lifestyle.

I loved the camaraderie among friends. They effortless gave of themselves to help Charlotte return to her former glory, even though they knew it would be hard work. Lloyd...Lloyd...Lloyd... he is my new book boyfriend and his part in Charlotte's story was actually a pleasant surprise. My only complaint is the ending... I was a mess last night because of that insane cliffhanger. I was left just like Charlotte-achingly unsatisfied and wanting MORE! This is the perfect foreplay for Controlling Charlotte.

Controlling Charlotte *Sneak Peek*
Continuing on from Introducing Charlotte X, Charlotte has plunged into the lifestyle head first-well, Charlotte doesn't do anything by halves. Still unsure she looks to her friends for guidance, but who can she truly trust? This lifestyle is nothing like anything she has ever known, where control dominates, but who truly has control? 

Her lust for a full-blown sexual relationship is what keeps her going. But this is not control, and her body language and defensive behavior tells a much different story, as she bumbles her way through her new life. But never fear, he is on hand to teach her some new tricks with his games, and using the rules of the BDSM lifestyle he is set to sharpen her mind as well as recondition her thinking. But will Charlotte ever be able to trust? Is she everything he thinks she is, and will she be able to fulfill all his needs? Only time will tell, as she learns to play the games of the mind, so that she can take control of who she really is and what she wants out of life. Will she be able to seduce him into her world of sexual desires, where he loses control? Charlotte has a lot to learn as the lust she holds for Lloyd burns deep within her soul.

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  1. Excellent!
    Both the interview, and the review. Glad you rated it 5 on 5. I might just do the same. It's an awesome book. Considering I didn't liked 50 Shades, Introducing Charlotte was so...good :)

  2. Great interview. I would love to read just based in your blog.

  3. Thank you so much for the time you have spent on my Book, and putting together this blog it's fantastic. i would like to also thank all your readers and my readers for their support not only on here but on twitter and facebook where you are all welcome to come and join me for updates and new releases. finally i welcome feedback and therefore please do post a review on amazon . com and follow my author pages, i would be so proud to have you all follow me there too. please ask me questions there also about the book or your thoughts on what might happen next with Charlotte.

    1. You're most welcome Mrs.Hains. And I did posted a review on amazon :)

    2. You're most welcome Mrs.Hains. And I did posted a review on amazon :)